singin’ in the rain

Why do we all freak out when it rains?

The other day it was pouring and I cursed myself for not having an umbrella.  One of the security guys lended me an umbrella that someone left out front. I walked out, trying to open the umbrella.  I was wrestling with it, trying to get it free, only to find that it was broken.  I walked back in quick and handed it to the nice young fella that offered it to me.  “That is probably why it was left here…We can find you another one, hold on.” he says.  I nodded.  I looked outside and felt a relief come over me.  Why did I need the umbrella?  Rain never hurt anybody.  In fact, it is nature, it is life, it is God’s beautiful creation.  Why not embrace it?  I felt a craziness come over me, and I said, “You know what?  I don’t need one.”  He looked at me like, are you crazy?  I smiled and walked outside into the pouring rain.  I felt free and wonderful. The rain came down hard and it felt great.  I felt like He was washing all my worries away and for the moment, I felt infinite.  Like I could do anything.  My makeup was running down my face and my hair was a mess. I loved every second of it.  Imperfection is beauty.

It made me think of that musical- Singin’ in the Rain– one of my favorites, I absolutely love this musical.

In that moment, in the rain, I felt like this:

I wanted to dance and sing just like the musical:

“I’m singing in the rain

Just singing in the rain

What a glorious feelin’

I’m happy again.”

Anyways, girls – it is okay to let yourself enjoy the rain sometimes.  Although, being all dolled up for events such as a wedding, I understand why you’d want to avoid it… I wouldn’t want to get soaked before my wedding.  However, if the handsome man waiting for me at the end of the aisle still smiles and looks at me like I am the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, with his eyes filled with pure unconditional love for me, as I am drenched, makeup and hair in chaos, then it doesn’t matter.  Only the man waiting for me matters. Think about that. 🙂


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