One day you are lonely, the next you have friends.

One day you are lost, the next you are found.

One day you are ill, the next you are well.

One day you are feeling low, the next you are feeling high.

When you think about all these positive changes that occurred in your life after feeling like you weren’t going to make it- all that really changed was your thinking.

Positivity.  It WILL get you somewhere.  I promise.

I have found myself at many points in my life feeling sad, lonely, lost, low, and like my life wasn’t going anywhere.  Today, I am happy where I am.  Looking back, I realize I was in a low place, at least I thought I was, and then I began to change.  I took charge of my life and changed it drastically.  My life before wasn’t how I wanted it so I took action.  I changed my career path and after that, I found myself striving to reach my goals and continue to do better.  I also changed my school because that is not where I was meant to be.  I transferred to a different college that not only felt right but also was close to home because that is where I wanted to be.  After I began making these changes, I felt so much happier and positive.  It was like I was a new person from how much I changed to how I was before.  This all finally led to my life today.  I have an amazing boyfriend for almost a year now, and a full-time job at the Public Defenders at the Lycoming County Courthouse that I’ve been interning at previously.  Again, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t make the changes I needed to make then and take charge of my happiness.

So please listen to me – yes, you are feeling down and things aren’t working out the way you want it to.  It won’t be like this forever.  Take action- take charge of your life.  Make the changes you need to make to be in a better place.

I have found that I am on the verge of succumbing to negativity by being around negative people.  Don’t give in.  Continue to be positive and cleanse your life of the people that try to bring you down.  Rise above.  Be positive and be happy.



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