a lovely reminder to prosecutors

You can still seek justice and be compassionate.  Don’t be full of yourselves.

This is basically targeted at the DA’s- we have it hanging in our office…

It’s so true though. Since working here, I’ve seen so many power trips the DA’s would go on in court, and how they’d have a fit when they didn’t get their way- when the Judge would overrule their objection. You’re not as powerful as you think you are.  And we’re not the bad guys. Sure we represent the bad guys more often than not- and we’re not trying to get them off the hook when they did, in fact, commit the crime.  We are just finding the best deal for them out of circumstances the defendant is in- we’ve all made mistakes. I’m not saying a murderer should get a good deal. But a lot of times there’s no proof for the person charged- or there’s no proof that it was a first degree murder, such as the Jackson case.  In the current case, the Perez case, he may not have been the one who pulled the trigger.  Sure, he was involved- we’re not saying he wasn’t.  But was he the shooter? Do they have solid proof? No evidence has appeared that it was him aside from the testimony of his “friend” that was also involved who claims it was him.  Yes, seeking justice is important but also have some compassion.  We are humans- we have our faults. Let’s not deem every criminal a being from hell.

Okay. That’s all I had to say.


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